Wall & Ceiling

The Wall & Ceiling sector can be split into two main work areas, Lather/Interior Systems MechanicS and Drywall Finishers.

Lather/Interior Systems Mechanics

Lather/Interior Systems Mechanics (Previously known as Wall & Ceiling Installers) are one of the first trades on site after the concrete is poured, and one of the last trades on site to install the ceiling tile. Lather/Interior Systems Mechanics set the pace for most commercial construction projects. They bring the architectural blue prints from being just marks on a piece of paper to reality by laying-out the walls and ceilings for the project, and assembling interior and exterior walls, ceilings, bulkheads and sometimes floors with steel studs.

Once the structure is in place, Lather/Interior Systems Mechanics install pressed-steel door and window frames, insulate the walls – whether for acoustic or thermal conditions – and apply the drywall and other substrates. Finally, Lather/Interior Systems Mechanics are often involved with many variations of ceiling work from standard t-bar to intricate curved or barreled ceilings.

Drywall Finishers

Once the drywall has been installed, Drywall Finishers (also known as “Tapers”) prepare and finish gypsum wallboard surfaces by taping, spotting, filling, finishing, and sanding all surfaces such as joints, angles, and corners. They are also skilled at texturing, repairing, and applying decorative fixtures.

The Drywall Finishing Trade is suited to people who are good with their hands, enjoy a fast paced environment, like to work independently, and pay keen attention to detail.

Drywall Finishers take what the other trades have done and make it look good. This is the trade that gets noticed. A good paint job cannot be achieved without having a good surface to work with.


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LocationContactPhone Number
Lower MainlandKevin Weston604-523-5332
Northern BCKevin Weston604-523-5332
Vancouver IslandOrfeo Pagliacci250-385-8312

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