Hazardous Materials Abatement Workers

A hazmat worker plays the most important role during renovation or demolition of existing structures, paving the way for upgrades and new development.

The safe containment and removal of hazardous materials is crucial prior to any construction work on existing buildings that contain those materials. If they are present, the materials must be safely removed before the other trades can come in and start their work.

Whether it’s a hospital, heritage home, or an abandoned warehouse, when DC38 members arrive on site they are equipped with the knowledge and tools to perform the work safely and effectively.
Ensuring that this work is done properly is important. When these materials are disturbed, they can become air-borne and can easily reach nearby homes or buildings and come in contact with unassuming people. DC38 members understand the importance of following the WorkSafe guidelines, which ensures safety for the public and themselves.

From constructing containment to removing flooring, pipes, and drywall a Unionized Hazardous Materials and Abatement worker can safely remove it all.

Hazardous Materials and Abatement is well suited to people who are physically fit, familiar with a wide variety of construction tools, reliable, and who show keen attention to detail and safety.


LocationContactPhone Number
Lower MainlandKris Locsin 604-523-5330
Vancouver IslandOrfeo Pagliacci250-385-8312
Northern BCKevin Weston604-523-5332

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