Construction Industry Rehab Plan

C.I.R.P was founded in the mid 1980s in response to a growing need to provide services to men and women in the construction industry with substance use issues. Since its initial inception the program has evolved and expanded, and today our mission is to provide not only the highest quality of mental health and addiction services for these men and women, but also services that are grounded in evidence and empirically based practices.

If you are a current member of District Council 38, you may qualify for the benefits provided by the C.I.R.P.

As a guiding philosophy the C.I.R.P. states the following:

We believe integrity, professionalism, compassion and open communication are the bedrock of effective treatment.  We hold ourselves to high standards in delivering services that are recognised as ‘gold standards’ within the industry.  We recruit only Masters level clinicians who also hold and practice beliefs that align with the ‘harm reduction’ model, ensuring that all our clients experience compassion and understanding throughout their journey with us.

C.I.R.P. has a long history of helping it’s brothers and sisters within the organized construction industry. Perhaps they can help you. If you or someone you know feels addiction is controlling their lives, you may find the help you require through the C.I.R.P.

You can contact the C.I.R.P. at the following:

IUPAT Helping Hand

Working in the building and construction trades is a challenging career. There are high productivity demands on the workforce to meet deadlines, as well as working conditions that can often be an extreme danger if strict safety guidelines aren’t followed.

Yet, there are other risks construction workers face in the industry – suicide and substance use disorder. In fact, construction workers are three times more likely to take their own life than the rest of the population.

The IUPAT Helping Hand website offers information, downloadable posters, and website links to help employers, coworkers, and family members recognize the signs of suicidal ideation and/or substance use. Their goal is to work together to help prevent deaths by suicide and to encourage members to reach out and take advantage of the help that is available.

For more information, and to watch their quick introduction video, please go to

Counseling (DC38)

The DC38 H&W Plan processes Counseling services in the Burnaby office. For eligible members, the corresponding form must be filled-out and returned with the original receipt(s) to the IUPAT DC38 Burnaby office by the deadline specified on the back of the form.


Membership Assistance Programme Claims (Counseling)

Covered Counselors

For a list of counselors covered by the Membership Assistance Program, please click here.