A Glazier measures, handles, cuts, prepares, installs, and repairs all types of glass, mirrors, glass substitutes, and architectural metals. The Glaziers work is typically preformed anywhere there are windows, doors, glass partitions in office buildings, schools, residential homes and institutions like hospitals, and universities.

When Glaziers are working on commercial buildings, they are often involved in the layout, preparation, fabrication, and replacement of architectural metal components like storefront systems, entrance ways, windows, skylights, and curtain-wall systems; all designed to enclose both low and high rise buildings. Some projects Glaziers are involved in require working from a swing-stage or a Boson’s chair, as well as utilizing different types of elevated working platforms. Whether architectural, decorative, or structural, the glazier plays a very important part in commercial construction.


Apprenticeship training is free for DC38 members. Learn more about glazing apprenticeships from DC38’s training school, the Finishing Trades Institute of BC.


LocationContactPhone Number
Lower MainlandMarv Magnison604-523-5334
Vancouver IslandOrfeo Pagliacci250-385-8312

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