Painters – Commercial & Institutional

OMS (Memorandum of Settlement)

The Overall Memorandum of Settlement (OMS) is bargained on behalf of each of the affiliated construction trades by the BCBCBTU (BC Bargaining Council of Building Trades Unions). Therefore, the changes found the OMS are changes that affect Industrial painters as well as many other unionized employees working in the construction industry in British Columbia. The TLMOA (see below) addresses changes related to the individual trades.

View: Overall Memorandum of Settlement (OMS)

View: OMS Summary

TLMOA (Trade Level Memorandum of Agreement)

This document outlines the proposed changes for your trade and are in addition to the changes outlined in the Overall Memorandum of Settlement (OMS).

View: Trade Level Memorandum of Agreement (TLMOA)

View: TLMOA Summary

2019 – 2023 Collective Agreement

The current collective agreement that expired on May 1, 2023.

View: 2019-2023 Painters Standard CI Agreement

Notices of Estoppel

The two notices of estoppel, as discussed in the TLMOA, cover the enforcement of the Overtime and Hiring provisions of the collective agreement.

View: Notice of Estoppel – Overtime

View: Notice of Estoppel – Hiring