Mentorship Matters: Experienced Journeypersons Essential to On-the-Job Apprentice Training

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We here at the FTI of BC and DC 38, take pride in the education and training our apprentices receive, both at our training facility and with our experienced members on the job.  In fact, we count on those seasoned members to instill our values of hard work, pride in our chosen craft, and dedication to a job well-done into our newest members. 

With the luxury of time being in short supply on almost every project we build, it is essential that our existing Journeyworkers pass along these values and skills in the most efficient way possible. This is why we have decided to rededicate ourselves to the ideals of good mentorship through the “Mentorship Matters” program.

Effective mentorship is essential to the development of an apprentice’s skills and to their success in their chosen trade.  A good mentor on the job helps to guide the apprentice by reinforcing the lessons learned in the classroom, and by passing on the knowledge and expertise they have gained through years of experience.

The FTI of BC’s progressive approach to mentoring trains both Journeyworkers and apprentices, with the “Mentorship Matters” program.  Developed by SkillPlan, in partnership with the IBEW’s Electrical Joint Training Committee, this forward-thinking collaboration aims to prepare Journeyworkers to become effective mentors, and apprentices to develop the skills necessary to become good mentees. 

It is common knowledge that more than 80% of an apprentice’s learning takes place on the job through mentoring relationships.  As a result, mentors have a huge impact on the safety, quality, and productivity of every jobsite.  Every qualified Journeyperson owes their trade skills to the experienced Journeypersons who have mentored them along the way. This essential transfer of knowledge helps perpetuate our crafts and ensures the ongoing evolution of each individual trade.

Many mentor/mentee partnerships develop into lifelong friendships which is reflected in the video that accompanies this article. This is proof positive of the value effective mentorship can have on an individual’s life, as many a mentee can attest to.

Mentors are respected tradespeople who take the time to reach out to each of the apprentices on the jobsite. In construction, time is money which is why effective mentorship is so important.  Mentors help their mentees to learn and grow; they are invaluable to the training process and we need more Journeypersons to do their part by helping in the transfer of skills and knowledge. 

We will be sharing video clips and information over the next couple of weeks, to show the value of the work that mentors do and the ways in which a mentee can benefit from on the job instruction.

For more information on “Mentorship Matters” or how you can participate in training, contact the FTI of BC.

DC38 member’s son wins prestigious A. L. “Mike” Monroe/Ralph D. Williams, III Sports Scholarship Award

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Left to Right: Adrian Horsburgh, DC38 Business Representative; Keith Hand, Father of the recipient and member of Local 138; Dan Jajic, DC38 Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer

DC38 would like to congratulate Trevor Funk, son of Local 138 member Keith Hand, on receiving the A. L. “Mike” Monroe/Ralph D. Williams, III Sports Scholarship Award.  The $5000 scholarship is awarded to accomplished student athletes, giving them the opportunity to pursue their athletic ambitions while earning an advanced educational degree at the academic institution of their choosing.

Trevor has been playing Lacrosse since he was 4, and his skill and determination were frequently recognized and sought out. In 2017, he was selected for Team BC and played in both the Nationals in Toronto, Ontario and the North American Indigenous Games.  Trevor was drafted 8th overall in the 2018 BC Jr draft to Coquitlam where he played for the Coquitlam Jr A team, and most recently was invited to tryout for Canada’s National Jr Tier 1 team.

Through his hard work and dedication, Trevor is well on his way to realizing his life-long dream of becoming a professional Lacrosse player.  Trevor has committed his life to the pursuit of his dream and is proud to have been given the opportunity to attend Lewis University in Illinois, where he is currently studying Criminal Justice and playing Lacrosse for the Lewis University Flyers.  Trevor plans to use the $5000 scholarship on tuition, books, and travel costs.

On behalf of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, DC38  is proud to have been able to present Trevor with his scholarship and we wish him the best of luck on his academic endeavors. 

Construction Trades Job Fair

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The Construction Trades Job Fair is coming up on October 5th from 9am – 3pm!

Come try out our new VirtualPaint virtual reality spray painting simulator and learn about job opportunities for in demand trades, as well as sponsored apprenticeships with subsidized tuition!

There will be live demos and prizes. Parking for the event is free.

Saturday October 5th 9am – 3pm. 4333 Ledger Ave, Burnaby BC.

For more information, email TradesOpportunityGroup@gmail.com