Brand New Lathers and Allied Trades Local 163, Swears In First Executive Board

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On Thursday March 09, 2017, the newly acclaimed Executive Board of Lathers, Drywall Finishers, and Allied Trades, Local 163, was sworn in at a ceremony held at the Finishing Trades Institute of BC.

Pictured from left to right are, Kevin Weston, Dean Everett, Daryl Olsen, Jim Ewing, Wayne Howatt, Kelvin Campbell, Al Williams and Denis Geuret. Conducting the ceremony at the far right is General President’s Representative, Jack White.

This new local, which combines Locals 163 & 2009, was formed as a result of a constitutional change and has also been renamed to better describe the trades working within it.

Congratulations to you all.



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Mar 23, 2017

OTTAWA, March 23, 2017 /CNW/ – Canada’s Building Trades Unions are pleased with the continued support this government has demonstrated for middle class families in the 2017 budget, “Building a Strong Middle Class.” Programs supported in this budget will facilitate the inclusion of under-represented demographics in the workforce will, in turn, benefit all of Canada. Bob Blakely, the Canadian Operating Officer for Canada’s Building Trades Unions said “Providing for the training of young people as well as those that are returning to the workforce, providing support for childcare that will allow the parents of young children to build their skills, will bring new faces onto job sites around Canada.”

The ongoing commitment to infrastructure funding is fundamental to the growth of the economy and middle class jobs. This government continues to see the potential in using infrastructure spending to support the middle class, build more sustainable environments, and create a built environment that will last us generations into the future. Darrell Laboucan, the Ironworkers Canadian Vice-president stated “We stand ready to build the Canada of tomorrow, building by building, road by road, bridge by bridge. Our workers are Canada, and their success is Canada’s success.”

About CBTU

The North America-wide Building Trades coordinates activities and provides resources to 15 affiliated trade unions in the construction, maintenance and fabrication industries. In Canada, CBTU represents 500,000 skilled trades workers.

SOURCE Building & Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO

18% of Site C Workers not from BC

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BC Hydro recently released employment statistics for the Site C project for November 2016. The report reveals 18% of workers, which equals 246, on the project were from outside BC.

“This is simply unacceptable,” said Tom Sigurdson, Executive Director for the BC Building Trades. “There are thousands of skilled and qualified British Columbians available and ready to work on this project. Instead, BC Hydro has allowed contractors to … (read more)

Drywall Tariffs are Hurting our Contractors

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CertainTeed Gypsum Canada is praising a ruling by the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) recognizing that dumped U.S. drywall imports into Western Canada are hurting its business, but also slammed the tribunal for not relying on “complete information.”

“Both high dumping margins and material injury have now been affirmed twice by Canadian authorities,” reads a statement from CertainTeed’s general manager, Matthew Walker.

“It validates CertainTeed Gypsum Canada’s anti-dumping complaint that western Canadian manufacturing has suffered material injury from large volumes of U.S. drywall imports sold at low prices with huge dumping margins.”

However, the CITT also recognized tariffs as high as 276 per cent were hurting … (read more)

DC 38 and BC Building Trades Present Construction 101 to First Nations Leaders

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Thank you for presenting at the BC Building Trades Construction 101 seminar on March 9th.

We’ve received a lot of feedback from the participants who said they really valued meeting and engaging with unions about training.

I sincerely appreciate the time and effort affiliates put into making the day a success.

We are following up on Chief White’s suggestion that we hold another Construction 101 in an area where we are likely to see an LNG Project and thus attract more First Nations’ participation. (Likely location Prince Rupert).

At the March 16th Apprenticeship and Training Coordinators Committee, we discussed circulating a sample PowerPoint template. We will circulate one to the Apprenticeship Coordinators list shortly.

Several participants requested copies of the presentations. We would be happy to share them with you. As the size is too large for email, please reply to this letter with your mailing address and we will send you a memory key.

Once again, thank you for presenting at Construction 101.



Executive Director

BC Building Trades

Representatives from DC 38, FTI and HMA meet with Liberal MLA's

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On February 16, representatives from DC 38, the FTI and the HMA conducted a “Lunch-and-Learn” with members of the Liberal caucus in Victoria.This was the first occasion where any of the entities connected to District Council 38 had conducted this type of information session with the governing Liberals and by all accounts our presentation was well received.

We wanted to add a bit of a “Wow Factor” to our presentation, so we took along some of the high end equipment actually used in our training at our facility. Many of the MLA's commented on the fact that this was a little different than any other such presentation they had attended previously. We heard several comments about how impressed the MLA's were by by complexity and the quality of the equipment we train on. Many were also surprised to hear that since 2005, we have committed almost $5 million dollars in both equipment and facility upgrades provided by the FTI and the HMA.

Greg Kyllo, MLA for (Sushwap) and the Parliamentary Secretary for BC Jobs Plan, thanked us on behalf of the government for helping to enlighten he and his fellow MLA's about the work we do. Mr. Kyllo also reiterated his governments commitment to apprenticeship and skills training and went on to recognize the important role our combined organizations play in providing that training.

We also took this opportunity to invite the government to the grand opening of our new expansion of our Industrial Painting facility. We will be holding an event on March 30th this year where we will unveil what is probably the finest spray and blast facility in Canada and the Pacific North West.

We hope to conduct future sessions such as this in order to make our politicians more aware about the value we provide to our communities, members, contractors and the clients of construction.


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Day of mourning — April 28

Published on: March 24, 2017

Across Canada, April 28 has been designated the Day of Mourning.

Day of Mourning - April 28Workers, families, employers, and communities come together each year at ceremonies held around the province to remember those who have lost their lives on the job and to renew our commitment to creating healthy and safe workplaces.

Take part in the Day of Mourning

Workers, families, and employers are invited to visit to learn more and to participate. You can:

  • Make a dedication in honour of a fallen worker
  • Plan your own Day of Mourning ceremony using resources in the event tool kit
  • See a list ceremonies that are happening across B.C.
  • Order complimentary decals and posters for your worksite

FTI Partners with Done Right Painting for Squamish Nation Training Fair

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When, Troy Halverson, owner of Done Right Painting and Sandblasting, asked the FTI to assist with a Training Fair for the Squamish Nation, we jumped into action and helped set up an impressive display booth on short notice. Although space was limited, we were able to provide Done Right with an array of eye catching displays and the right personnel to answer any painting or safety questions that members of the Squamish Nation might have.

Troy, and his Company, have been working with young people from the Squamish Nation, in an effort to introduce them to the fundamentals of the Painting Trade. The Training Fair was the perfect opportunity to introduce even more people to the value of a career as a Red Seal Painter. Safety is always at the forefront in all training we deliver at the FTI, which is why we felt that it was also important that our Director of Safety, Andrew Swan, attended as well.

The FTI along with DC 38 is serious about exposing as many young people from as wide a community as possible to the Finishing Trades. Between “Lunch and Learns” with Government MLA's, “Construction 101's” with First nations groups and Trade fairs for high school students, we are starting to get our message out about the value of apprenticeship and getting certified in a trade.

FTI/Done Right booth at Squamish Nation Training Fair.

(Left to Right) Randy Tilley/Done Right Painting, Chico Albino/FTI, Paddy Byrne/FTI, Justin Chapman/FTI, Andrew Swan/FTI.

Members of Squamish Nation, introduce Training Fair attendees to a recognition ceremony.

Representatives of the FTI partner with Done Right Painting for Training fair at Chief Mathais Centre on Squamish Nation Territory.

DC 38 Retired Painter, Clive Bollerup, in BCBTU Video

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At last year’s, BC Building Trades Convention, a series of videos were shown to the audience, featuring some of the more colourful retired members of the BC Building Trades Unions, recalling their working careers.

Our very own, Clive Bollerup, a retired Industrial Painter, helped to add some of that colour to the video featured here, with his reflections on working as an Industrial Painter in our Provinces early days. Check out this video as Clive extols the value of apprenticeship and learning a trade that you enjoy. Clive also recounts the many miles driven on virtually every Provincial highway while travelling to “every crummy little town” in pursuit of work.


New Syrian Immigrants Become DC 38 Painting Apprentices

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This week we have had the pleasure of welcoming some special new apprentices to the DC 38 family.

Park and Derochie (Seaside), who is one of our largest Industrial Painting contractors, approached Painting Representative Justin Chapman, with a new and unique opportunity. Through the BC Alliance for Manufacturing, Park and Derochie (Seaside), was able to identify former citizens of Syria who had worked previously in construction trades in their former homeland. These individuals were presented as hard working, honest and reliable people who were looking for an opportunity to prove their worth and to make a new life for themselves in Canada.

Seven individuals, along with their interpreter, Manal Nour, have spent the past week receiving their safety certifications, as well some hands on training in paint prep, in advance of their starting with our contractor on Monday.

Both Safety Director Andrew Swan and Painting Representative Justin Chapman had some extremely positive things to say about the work ethic, and the ability to grasp information and retain it, that these individuals displayed. They also made mention of their gratitude, politeness and willingness to help one another with their assigned tasks.

While walking through our facility, one of the Syrian trainees got extremely excited when he saw our Drywall Finishing students at work. It turns out that he had worked as a Drywall Finisher in Syria for 15 years. Being a member of DC 38, he will have the opportunity to move to the Drywall program if he so chooses at a later date.

We will be exploring the possibility of bringing in additional Syrian workers in the coming weeks, as one of our Hazardous Materials Abatement Contractors, Enviro-Vac environmental, has also expressed an interest in giving these individuals an opportunity to work in the Hazmat field.

DC 38 and the Finishing Trades Institute of BC is proud to be involved in programs such as these. Apart from some language issues, we are certain that these new apprentices have all the tools necessary to succeed in our industries. We look forward to assisting more new immigrants in finding a better life here in Canada.